RSVP (Sorta)

RSVP (sorta)

For now this is just the get-a-feel-for-who-might-already-know-if-they’ll-come RSVP. We WILL send out formal invitations but we figure everyone is already planning their Disney cruises, camping road trips, and two-week shore stays so we’re getting the ball rolling. Even if you already know you can’t make it we’re still going to send you an invitation. All we have set right now is the date and the location. We strongly encourage you to book your accommodations early. Because of the small-town-ness of it all there isn’t one single hotel for everyone.

All the events (Friday dinner, wedding, reception, Sunday brunch, hospitality, etc.) will take place at the Turquoise Barn. More info (schedule, times, nearby attractions, local hunting regulations, Kentucky passport verification services, etc.) will follow.

Let us know where you’re booking your stay, too. We’ll probably drop off survival kits with compasses, flares, protein bars, and signal mirrors.

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