our story


the first time we met

adam and megan met for the first time at their dear friend angela’s birthday party. adam wound up sitting next to megan’s good friend heather and really never spoke with megan. a few days later when angela asked adam what he thought of her friends, adam replied that he thought megan was pretty cute.

April 12th

i thought she was cute.

the second time we met

adam was hanging out with some friend’s in angela’s backyard. it turns out that angela’s and megan’s then-housemate, ellen (a.k.a. the secret chef), had gone to culinary school with adam’s close friend blair’s sister. megan came out to see what was going on and told everyone how she was going back and forth between the house and her studio trying to find her passport. she and tamara were flying to the dominican republic the next day.

May 10th

who doesn't know where their passport is the night before leaving the country?

third time’s the charm

after a few brief text message exchanges and a myspace friend connection, megan invited adam over to hang out. after a few hours of great conversation (and a bottle or two of wine) it was time for adam to head home. to his surprise megan wanted to walk him back (garden street was a little rough back then). upon arrival they said some goodnights and adam offered to call a cab, but something then came over him and he leaned in for a kiss. the rest, as they say, is private.

May 31st

took ya long enough

bling bling, who's there?megan was out with friends late, and then she came home to find adam on the couch. unlike most evenings when she’d immediately put on her PJs, megan sat down next to her man. antonio came bounding up onto the couch and adam made some snarky comment about how loud his tags were. (it was really quite perfect because that very day megan updated antonio’s tags.) megan was just about to chock it up to adam being a punk, roll her eyes, and walk away, but then she noticed something hanging from antonio’s collar…the ring! adam hopped down on both knees (he’s 40, now, and officially ancient) and proposed. luckily she said yes (though, seeing as how they’d already bought a house, it would be rather suspect to have said no).

September 20th

she said yes!


and now we’re married!

photo by melissa blemur

it was an amazing weekend. we honestly could not have hoped for a better outcome (other than each of us saying ‘i do’). we were amazed at how many people took the time and made the long-distance trek to be with us. the award for longest distance, however, goes to the wardaughs who hailed from scotland!

the weather was perfect, the moon was full, the food was incredible, and the setting was idyllic. with the exception of the groom forgetting his pants, there really were no hiccups. and the arrival of jordan and his turquoise ’57 thunderbird was the icing on the cake.

July 12th

we said we do!